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$30.00 Thursday Tattoo                 Special 

The Rules

1. All tattoos must be chosen from the               $30.00 special image book located in the       shop.

2. There will be an additional charge for any     modifications.

3. The tattoo comes with a black outline and     you're choice of two colors.

4. Walk-ins only no appointments for the           special.

5. First come first serve. 

Why would you want to get a               $30.00 Tattoo?

    There is no denying that some people (in the tattoo industry especially) are against the idea of getting a tattoo for $30.00. Over the years tattoo prices have gone up along with the price of everything else causing shop minimums to be $80 or even $100 dollars. Making small tattoos no longer profitable to do.   How ever this special does not take away from the fact that we specialize in over the top custom tattoos. So why do we run a $30.00 special? More importantly why would you want to get a 30 dollar tattoo? 

    The idea of choosing a "flash" image off the wall has been in existence sense the invention of the modern tattoo machine. So why would you want to pay a high shop minimum for a little tattoo? There is no better way to scratch that tattoo itch than the $30 special. You will get a small high quality tattoo from a reputable shop. We can't even post all the images on line due to people wanting to steel our special. And with hundreds of images to choose from like the ones in the pictures to the right. Why would you not get a $30.00 Tattoo?

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